Email in the Cloud

Google Apps Setup Package: $800*

This price is for start-ups & non-profits that are pre-qualified.
*Costs do not include adding more than 4 users. It costs $50 per added user (one time after your 4th user) and $5/month to Google to maintain.

Put each user on Google Apps and use your own domain name for email. The cost after setup is $5 per month, per user (going to Google). Why pay for IT or costly Exchange servers? We charge a one time $800 setup fee, and $50 to add each user after the first four are added into your system. You get:

The Process

  1. Ask for the Google Apps Setup Package.
  2. We interview you to see if there is a good fit.
  3. We bill you for the setup so we can start.
  4. Once completed you are given a document with links that will help you administer your account going forward.
  5. Average turn around time 5-10 working days, but varies by project.
  6. Costs afterwards are billed at $100/hour (or $50 per added user), at a minimum of one hour, but if it is setup correctly - there should be minimal to zero issues.

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