iOS Apps

Partnering & Revenue Sharing

We’re interested in collaborating with you on your next iOS App. We can provide:

The best partner is a publisher who is already in the App Store and is focused on app development. They will provide:

Currently we are only partnering with companies that fit the profile above and have a solid concept to start with. They also must be open to our creative direction for the success of the project.

The Revenue Split

Since much of the work is weighted on the existance of an existing concept provided to us, and the partner is also providing their own venue for sales (Apple App Store), we are seeking just 10 percent of every App Store sale / transaction for the partnered product.

Mini TOS

Either party may postpone launch in order to persue projects that have immediate financial gain, but they must immediately communicate when doing so, so both parties can resume at the earliest convenience.

Suspending Development & Termination

Either party also may terminate the project prior to App launch / Availability for any reason. Should the partnered product make it the App Store at a later date (in which Mimic Interactive has greatly contributed), then the publisher is still responsible for paying their part of the revenue share to Mimic Interactive.

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